Free Tarot Reading Review

Executive summary

Get an instant tarot reading online at Free Tarot Reading. The site also offers in depth numerology reports and live psychic readings through Kasamba.

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Free Tarot Reading Highlights

  • A selection of free, computer-generated tarot readings available online

  • An affordable lifetime membership option

  • Numerology reports available for an additional fee


  • You can electronically draw tarot cards for free readings online

  • Additional tarot readings available with paid membership

  • Subscription rates include an optional lifetime membership

  • Readings can be saved for future review


  • Live psychic readings are through an affiliate program with Kasamba

  • Tarot readings are digitally produced, rather than by a live person

  • Numerology reports likely produced by software rather than created by an individual

Psychic Selection Pool

It’s important to note that Free Tarot Reading is not like other psychic reading websites in that their live psychic readings simply refer to their Kasamba affiliation. Having clarified that point, Kasamba is a platform for independent psychics that does not do a screening process. That doesn’t mean there aren’t quality psychics working there, as many experienced advisors with regular clientele choose to move to an independent platform, but you’ll need to be more cautious when selecting psychic readers.

Choosing a reliable and accurate Psychic

Their affiliate, Kasamba, offers several filtering options to help you narrow down your selection to the right psychic for your budget and who specializes in the area of guidance you’re seeking. Individual profiles offer plenty of additional information to help you make your selection and give you a little more insight into individual advisors.

Pricing Structure

For live psychic readings, Kasamba has its own pricing structure, but Free Tarot Reading also offers some readings exclusive to paid subscribers. Membership costs $9.95 per month, $39.95 annually, or buy a lifetime membership for $79.95. You can also purchase detailed numerology reports ranging from $7.95 up to $42.95.

Method of Communication

The live psychic services through Kasamba offers email, chat, and phone options for communication. The online tarot readings are delivered instantly on the website, while the numerology reports promise email delivery within 48 hours of your order and the submission of your personal information to create the report. Given the time frame, it’s fair to presume numerology reports are software generated.

Guarantees and Refunds

If you’re unhappy with a live reading from Kasamba, you can submit a request for credit within 72 hours of the consultation. For numerology reports, Free Tarot Reading promises satisfaction or a complete refund.


Free Tarot Readings offers a unique niche in the psychic reading websites market. You can get a digitally-produced tarot reading for free, and get an additional selection of readings with a paid membership. You can also separately purchase detailed numerology reports ranging in price from $7.95 up to $42.95. Live psychic services are offered through an affiliation with Kasamba.

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