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The Benefits of Using a DNA Test Kit

The benefits of using a DNA test kit is to help determine ethnic origin and also genealogical factors that contribute to body structure and hair and eye color. To show the importance of using a DNA test kit, a nearly perfectly preserved skeleton was found in the glacier in the Alps between Austria and Italy. “Otzi” is the oldest human mummy known at this time.

From DNA testing, researchers discovered his age and date of birth. In addition, DNA tests showed "Otzi" lived about 3300 years ago and was a farmer. With continued studies of "Otzi," it was found he was actually born in Sardinia, an island off of Italy, had dark hair and dark eyes. Taking DNA tests further, researchers were able to link modern day Sardinians to this well preserved mummy.

Thus, all of the characteristics found in genealogical DNA test kits reveal a wealth of beneficial information about the origins, lifestyles and demographics of ancestors. Uncovering family history from the earliest possible dateline has the benefit of disclosing illnesses that may cause genetic predispositions transmitted by the genes.

What Will Using a Genealogy DNA Test Kit Reveal?

Most individuals rely on genealogy DNA testing to discover the origins of their family's health history. It may also reveal genetic predispositions to dwarfism and gigantism. In many criminal investigations, genealogy DNA test kits are relied on to determine specifics of ancestry and to help locate relatives of victims of crime found without identification.

Medical examiners also rely on DNA test kits to identify criminals. This has become a more reliable method of determining innocence or guilt and records of DNA tests are often presented as evidence in adjudicating legal cases. Using a genealogy DNA Test Kit is especially important for those considering in vitro fertilization or in cases where a surrogate bears a child for a couple. DNA test kits play a large role in ensuring that embryos have normal amounts of DNA.

Genealogical DNA Test Kit

There are two most commonly used DNA test kits: Genealogy and Paternity. For those who desire to know their family ancestry, a genealogy DNA test kit is highly recommended. When paternity is in question, use a DNA Test kit that provides an analysis of specimens used in the test. In addition to using a genealogy DNA test kit, it is important to rely on experts to properly analyze DNA test kit results. Generally, this data is found in data banks that can match DNA markers with that of several generations of ancestors. The basics of this data are based on ethnicity of origin. Many individuals are pleasantly surprised by the results of using a genealogy DNA test kit.