The Best DNA Kits: Discover the Secrets Hidden in Your DNA

Your DNA can tell a surprising story - about who you are, where you come from, and even the steps you can take to lead a healthier life. 

Your DNA can tell a surprising story - about who you are, where you come from, and even the steps you can take to lead a healthier life. 

1. | MyHeritage

A quick swab of the cheek is all it takes to start uncovering your ancestry with MyHeritage. But knowing your genetic makeup is only half of the experience. Explore the largest international network of family trees and a database of 7 billion historical records, and create your own tangible link to the past. Get started with a limited time offer of $79. Visit Myheritage>>

2. | LivingDNA

Working with leading geneticists, scientists and academics, LivingDNA is the most advanced dna test, offering twice the detail of other ancestry tests. Explore your ancestry throughout different points in human history, and discover when you shared ancestors with people throughout the world. And the results on LivingDNA are continuously updated to provide ongoing insights into your ancestry. Limited time offer of $159. Dare to uncover the larger picture of who you are and where you come from. Visit LivingDNA>>

3. | GPS Origins

GPS Origins DNA test uses a new ancestral tracking technique to offer a more precise look at the migration path of your ancestors. It’s a bit more pricey than other tests, but it paints a fuller picture of where you come from - like information on the town or village where your ancestors likely lived and traveled to. A DNA kit costs $189. Visit GPS Origins >>

4. | 23andMe

The most science-rich approach to your ancestry, 23andme provides information that goes back not only centuries but millennia. Along with detailed reports on your origins, the service’s growing research program aims to provide the public with a better understanding of how their own genetic makeup relates to their health. Participation in the service can provide invaluable information on your family’s medical history and your own predisposition to certain health issues. An at-home kit costs only $99. Visit 23andme>>

5. | Family Tree DNA

FamilyTree offers the widest range of DNA kits. Opt for a standard package that delves into your ethnic makeup or a more advanced one for an in-depth analysis of your DNA and mitochondrial sequence. Plus there’s the option to transfer results from other DNA test companies, allowing for the discovery of new DNA relatives within their own database. Packages start at just $79. Visit Family Tree >>

6. | Vitagene

Ever wonder how your genes relate to your overall health? Vitagene’s DNA kit combines the fields of genetics and nutrition to provide real, useful recommendations relating to your ideal diet and physical lifestyle. By analyzing a variety of factors - like obesity risk and muscle strength - Vitagene can help you discover how to live your best life. Get your report for $99. Visit Vitagene>>