LivingDNA Review

Living DNA is a global company made up of a collaboration of 100+ leading scientists, researchers and genetic experts, operating in the US and Europe. The organization was put together to explore the notion that people are all made up of the same type of DNA, and therefore conflicts concerning race should be a thing of the past. LivingDNA tests offer a keen focus on worldwide ancestry, more than many of its competitors.

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Completing your DNA test is a piece of cake. Once you’ve ordered your test kit, you can activate your account online where you will be able to track the status of your kit and see your results once they’ve been posted.

This $119 (with TT17 coupon code in the US only) DNA test kit comes with:

  • Step by step instructions

  • Mouth Swab

  • Bar coded collection tube

  • Postmarked package to send results back

It will take anywhere from 10-12 weeks for your results to show up online, but you can track the progress the entire way through. Once your results are online you will be able to see them displayed colorfully in different ways. Your family ancestry is given to you broken down across 80 worldwide regions, including 21 in the British Isles. You will have access to an ancestral map, which highlights the areas your DNA comes from, and the percentages of each area they contain. You will also be able to track your ancestral DNA throughout different periods in history. Not to mention, LivingDNA offers mtDNA/YDNA as part of the results of your test, so you essentially are getting three tests in one.

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