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The days of not knowing your family history are long gone, with the MyHeritage DNA testing kit. This innovative kit allows you full access to your past with a simple swab of the cheek. For only $79, you can begin the journey into your ancestral past, and begin finding out who and where you came from.

The process is simple, sign up for the MyHeritage DNA kit, and within a few short weeks, you will receive your kit. Included in the kit is an instruction booklet, a cheek swab and two small vials to collect your DNA. The test takes only a minute to complete, and can easily be sent back the same day. A quick swab of the cheek is all you need to receive a myriad of valuable information about your ancestors, no blood or saliva needed.

Once your test has been received and analyzed, you are invited to use MyHeritage’s online site, which is offered in 42 languages and provides a gateway to fascinating family history discoveries. Unlike many other DNA testing services, MyHeritage includes a feature rich online service, with many helpful functions. You can track your test kit from the moment you order it, to see when it will get to you/once MyHeritage receives it back. Also available online is a family tree of almost every DNA match that is found via your test. This will keep your historical findings nice and organized.

MyHeritage also provides a color-coded map to give you an easy-to-understand visual on the geographical locations your DNA stems from. MyHeritageDNA is undertaking the most in-depth ethnicity study ever conducted to bring you an ever-growing list of diverse populations from all around the world, so you can discover exactly where your family comes from. 

Another cool perk offered by MyHeritage is that their service provides you with DNA matches for possible new relatives. This way, you can connect with family you didn't even know you had! As MyHeritage boasts the largest international network of family trees, along with 7 billion historical records, you can be sure that you are getting your money's worth from your DNA test. 

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