3 Questions About Exercise to Ask Before Starting a Diet

Delving into the world of dieting is an exciting first step into improving and bettering your overall health, and lifestyle. 

Delving into the world of dieting is an exciting first step into improving and bettering your overall health, and lifestyle. Eating right promotes more than just weight loss—it can also improve the health of your heart, reduce stress and can even improve your mood.

Can eating right do more for your weight loss than sweating it out in the gym?

A healthy lifestyle shouldn’t separate one from the other. The National Weight Control Registry found that after following the habits of those who successful weight losers (people who have maintained at least a 30-pound weight loss for a year or more), those who kept weight off exercised an average of an hour a day.

2. I’ve never exercised before – how do I start? 

You won’t need to spend all your waking hours in the gym. Professional diets can help you boost your weight loss with targeted fitness and manageable exercise plans that can fit in with your lifestyle. You can access personalized workouts, with dozens of choices, including walking and running, and it includes every level of fitness, ages and all walks of life.

When signing up to the Mayo-Clinic diet for example, you’ll answer a detailed quiz to establish many elements of your health and wellbeing. You’ll get a personalized diet and exercise plan that suits not just your weight and body shape, but also your personal expectations and knowledge. Your individualized diet profile will be easy to follow—and the easier a diet is to follow, the better the odds of sticking to it.

3. I’ve fallen off the wagon a few times, how do I make dieting work for me?

Yes—dieting can be tough. But with a professional plan, you won’t be left alone. These plans come with easy access to skilled professionals including psychologists, nutritionists, dieticians and counsellors.

The backstory behind piling on the pounds is usually complex, and emotional factors such as loss, stress or boredom can all be culprits in the reasons behind weight gain. A professional diet offers a social element with access to a community of dieters in exactly the same situation as you. This community goes a long way when it comes to support, or just a friendly shoulder to lean on.