6 MANtras Every Single Guy Should Be Living in 2018

Forget resolutions. Set yourself straight with some low key mantras that can help you stay cool through adversity...and find the girl. 

Aim high brother

Forget resolutions. Set yourself straight with some low key mantras that can help you stay cool through adversity...and find the girl. 

1. Be Yourself and Good Things Will Happen

Oftentimes, we find ourselves in situations in which we’re not sure how to act. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, shy, or awkward in such a situation, repeat this mantra.

Women can cut through bullshit, and they’ll appreciate the authentic you more than some fake dude you’re trying to be.

2. Don't Sweat Rejection. On to the Next One

Finding the right person is a two-way street. Don’t feel bad to reject someone who just isn't your style, and don’t take it to heart if a woman you reach out to rejects you.

Brush it off and acknowledge that rejection is simply leading you one step closer to the woman you're meant to be with. 

3. Go after what you want 

Once upon a time, man's only recourse was to hit on a woman in a bar, or—God forbid—get set up. This is not a golden age that should be pined after. Things are better now. Much, much better. 

We're living in the heyday of ultimate convenience, where whatever you're looking for is within reach - you just need to know how to find it.

If you don't want to get lost in the crowd, try a site like Zoosk​​, which focuses on creating better matches - giving you a leg up when you're trying to get her attention. It also has tons of filters, so you can find whatever you're looking for. 

Elite Singles is another good option for professional men who are too busy to swipe through hundreds of profiles. Matches are based more on personality, common interests and goals than height and photos. 

4. Believe it’s Going to Be a Good Date

As life beats us down, we sometimes have a tendency to lower expectations in order to avoid disappointment.

F*ck that.

Repeat this mantra and you’ll be surprised how well it works. You might not find the woman of your dreams immediately, but you’ll have more fun and give yourself a good chance to move forward if it is someone you like and want to get to know better.

5. Be a Good Listener

Knowing when to shut the hell up and let someone get something off their chest is an underrated skill. You don’t have to talk a lot to be a great conversationalist. Active listening, in which you truly show interest and prompt your counterpart to give you more information is something people appreciate.

Sometimes people are embarrassed to talk about themselves, but they do want to—they just need the right listener to coax it out of them.

6. Relish Your Independance

While a desire to be in a couple is understandable and natural, being single has its own advantages that you’ll probably miss once you find someone. Take advantage of your time as a single gentleman to get to know yourself better. It will make you a much better significant other when the time comes.

If you can’t wait to see how these mantras work, check out Zoosk​​ right now to see how cool online dating can be.