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eHarmony Overview takes a different approach to online dating by focusing on finding matches for you and cultivating long-term relationships. You answer a series of questions to create your "Book of You" which the site uses as the foundation for your matches.

eHarmony uses the data to match you with people statistically likely to result in a long-term relationship, instead of spreading their resources catering to a wide range of dating outcomes. Once you find the match, eHarmony uses a mutual conversation feature to help you pre-screen people before you private message or call each other.

eHarmony focuses on cutting out the dating time sink, enabling you to only spend your time on the matches who matter.

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eHarmony Features

The basic eHarmony features allow you to message the matches sent to you and access your profile. You can view their photos and get notifications when matches view your profile. The site also offers advanced features for users paying for the TotalConnect package. The RelyId system verifies people's identities so you don't waste your time with fake accounts or people who misrepresent themselves. When you see a match on, you can be reasonably certain that they're the person behind the profile.

The SecureCall feature lets you talk on the phone without compromising your safety, as your phone number is kept anonymous throughout the process. You can also easily block any matches you no longer wish to speak to on the phone, making them unable to contact you in the future. You also get a notification on who is calling you prior to putting the call through, so you can further screen your calls. Finally, the Premium Book of You is a more in-depth personality analysis that builds on your initial sign-up questionnaire. If you use this feature, the system has more data points to effectively match you to other people.

Communication on eHarmony is handled through a series of prompts designed to break the ice called Guided Communication. You start with quick questions, which begin the getting to know you process. You exchange Make or Breaks, which show must-have and deal-breakers to your match. If you're still getting along at this stage, you can write in your own questions or choose more insightful questions from a pre-made list. After this, you can message each other through eHarmony mail. You can also skip the Guided Communication process entirely and jump to eHarmony mail, but your match must agree before you can send messages.

eHarmony Sign Up

The eHarmony sign up process is easy as it takes you through a questionnaire. Instead of you starting off by filling in a profile, you get prompted with questions designed to let the site understand what you're looking for in a match, what you want out of a relationship, and your personality profile. You only need to enter your first name, email, and password to get started.

The initial questionnaire is extensive and you have to go through the entire process before eHarmony begins generating matches for you. It does a good job at keeping you engaged, however, with a visually appealing design and easy to understand structure.

eHarmony Safety has several safety controls in place so you don't get unwanted messages or matches getting your personal information before you're okay with it. The SecureCall system protects your phone number until you're ready to talk off platform, while the ID verification system cuts down on the amount of imposters on the system. You have to mutually agree to receive eHarmony mail messages with your match before you receive any, letting you control exactly who ends up in your inbox.

eHarmony Prices

eHarmony pricesare split between several tiers. You do get access to a free account if you don't want to pay, but most of the features are locked out. Basic Plans let you view matches and message them, but don't provide RelyId, SecureCall.

Premium Book of You features. The monthly price starts at $12.95 per month if you're paying for 2 years upfront and goes up to $27.95 for a 6 month commitment. TotalConnectPlans have the same price for 2 year packages, but have a $29.95 per month cost for a 6 month package.

eHarmony Ease of Use

eHarmony has a user-friendly interface that makes it quite clear what your next step is. You're never left wondering how to message someone or how to use a given feature. eHarmony also offers an extensive member's support database and other assistance options if you still have some trouble figuring things out.

eHarmony The Search

eHarmony doesn't use a traditional search function. They hand-pick your matches based on the information you provide with the questionnaire they use to create "The Book of You." You get these matches in your email or through the dashboard.

eHarmony Bottom Line

eHarmony focuses on long-term relationship opportunities and finding the perfect matches for you based on a lengthy required questionnaire. The site also provides several security features to make sure you aren't getting catfished or disclosing your phone number before you're ready.

The advanced features have a lot to offer, and while eHarmony is relatively pricey compared to other dating sites on the market, it’s worth every penny.

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