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Wouldn’t it be great if there were a site that found professional matches for you during your busy workday? is the dating service that caters to thousands of professional and business individuals all over the U.S.

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Forget about all those other online dating sites that have millions of profiles who don’t match you. Our Professional Match review gives insight to this new dating service. You will discover how it can work for you, and what to expect from your matchmaker. Professional Match has everything you need.


One of the interesting features Professional Match covers is diversity. It is a concept that all their matchmakers employ when trying to find you a perfect match to other professional singles. Most often, business executives and professionals tend to use dating sites such as Professional Match because it is easier to find a compatible partner.

Professional Match considers those factors and connects you with someone who has the same mindset as you. They search for individuals with similar goals, values, and lifestyle as you. And, because they meet you in-person, they will review all your likes, dislikes, wants, and needs in the person that best fits you. Your potential matches will also be screened based on the information you provide your matchmaker.

Another interesting feature for this online dating site is their phone verification process. They verify your ID by sending a private message to your phone. You can choose to receive this message via text or voice call. After you have entered this information, your profile will be complete on the site.

More features include:

  • Complete and brief profile

  • Ideas for new dates

  • Access to an online dating partner site

  • Ability to join the site as a professional matchmaker

Sign Up:

You won’t have any problems joining Professional Match. In fact, the site walks you through the sign up and you only have to answer several questions. You may be expecting long questionnaires or uploading several photos of yourself. But, Professional Match makes it easy for professional singles to join.

Your profile consists of questions regarding your annual income, gender, and education. You will also see your email address and phone number posted on your profile. Because Professional Match does not allow members to view each other, no one will contact you except your personal matchmaker.


Some of the best online dating sites seriously consider their members’ safety. Professional Match promises that your information will remain private and exclusive only to your matchmaker. They may promote their services and dating partner services to your email, but they will not call your provided phone number with offers.


Until you connect with your matchmaker, you will not be able to pay for services rendered. However, if you opt to join the online dating partner site of Professional Match, you can pay for a membership through that site.

1-Month Membership$31.99$31.99-
3-Month Membership$59.85$19.9533% ($10)
6-Month Membership$95.70$15.9547% ($14)
12-Month Membership$155.40$12.9557% ($17)

Personal Matchmaking Services - costs vary depending on level of services - starting at $2,500

Ease of Use:

Some online dating sites tend to have too many options and features on their site. It can become overwhelming, especially to senior professionals. But, Professional Match makes it easy for you to navigate their site. The only area you can edit is your profile. Once you log in, your profile will always be the first item you see.

What some users may not enjoy is that there are not many interactive features on the site. There is no chat box or chat rooms, no search feature, or listed profiles. For members who enjoy viewing profiles or chatting, this may not be the best option for you.

The Search:

Since the matchmaker does all the work for you, a search feature does not exist on the site. What you’ll want to do is prepare a list of all the things you’d like to see in a potential match. Include what you enjoy doing in your spare time, where you go on vacation, and what are some of the best ideas for a date you would find interesting.

Your potential matches are for your eyes only. When you meet your matchmaker, make sure you know exactly what you are seeking. You can also ask your matchmaker to help you narrow down the types of matches you would prefer to see, instead of guessing on the matches that he or she provides you.

Bottom Line for Professional Match

Professional Match is exactly what it sounds like, a place for busy professionals to let matchmakers do all the hard work. Without a search function at all, you rely on their experienced matchmakers to suggest suitable singles who want exactly what you do. A great choice for those who want to let go of the reins and let fate take control.

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