California Psychics Review


Psychics must pass background checks and reading tests for California Psychics, plus search engine filters help find the right psychic match for you.

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California Psychics Highlights

  • Extensive screening of psychics including criminal background check

  • Excellent search tool to choose multiple criteria when searching for a psychic reader

  • Introductory rate of $1 per minute and satisfaction guarantee


  • Most thorough screening process for psychics of any of the major companies

  • You can disconnect in the first few minutes of a psychic consultation if dissatisfied, and get a refund

  • Some psychics offer appointments and set schedules

  • $1 per minute introductory special

  • Money back guarantee if dissatisfied


  • Only offers phone readings

  • Some psychics charge up to $13.00 per minute

Psychic Selection Pool

When it comes to hiring psychic readers, California Psychics does not leave it to intuition. To work as a reader for this company, you must pass the most rigorous psychic screening process of any major service. After an initial screening through an application, chosen psychics must complete not one, but two 20-30 minute readings with two staff members, and must get the thumbs-up on both to join their team. California Psychics also runs criminal background checks on any potential psychic that will work for the service, making the psychic pool here one of the most trustworthy you'll find.

Types of Psychics Available

California Psychics has a great filter tool for those trying to choose which psychics to speak with. Some of the choices customers have is for the following types of readings:

  • Love & relationships

  • Mediums

  • Fortune telling

  • Tarot cards

Choosing a Reliable and Accurate Psychic

Not sure which psychic to pick for your first reading? California Psychics has a great multi-criteria selection tool to help you narrow down your search through topic specialties, tools of the trade, and even the approach of the psychic reader. Whether gentle and compassionate or straightforward, you can choose whether you get your psychic guidance with a spoonful of sugar, or straight up, no chaser. Each psychic also has their own page where you can check customer testimonials, ensuring you pick the most accurate reader for your needs.

Pricing Structure

California Psychics has one of the best introductory specials out there, with the rate of only $1 per minute for up to 20 minutes. Many psychic reader websites will offer up to three minutes free, but if you think you're going to just jump in and get a quick answer or the reading you want before those three minutes are up, guess again. The more minutes you can get at a discounted rate, the better your chances of finding a good psychic match and getting a good reading.

Beyond your introductory special, psychics can charge up to $13 per minute on this website, but there plenty of options that are much less expensive. Use your 20 minutes to test out psychics in the price range you want to pay after your sign-up promotion.

Method of Communication

California Psychics only offers psychic readings by telephone, with no chat or email options. While some form of live interaction generally makes the best reading, some other options like email might be preferable to customers.

Guarantees and Refunds

If you disconnect within the first few minutes of a reading, you can get a refund for another reading, however it isn’t clear whether you need to find another psychic immediately, or if this refund goes “in the bank” for a later date. If you're a first-time caller, you can get a cash refund. As with most psychic reading sites, they do not necessarily guarantee the accuracy of your reading, more that you were happy with it.


California Psychics puts any potential psychic reader through a rigorous screening and hire process, including a criminal background check and not one, but two 20-30 minute readings with staff. This makes California Psychics one of the most trusted resources in the business, and on top of that thorough hiring process, they offer a search engine with multiple criteria to narrow down your search to the perfect psychic for you. However, if you aren’t satisfied with her reading, let them know and they’ll give you a refund or another psychic reader session.

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