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Look for a psychic diamond-in-the rough with a little less experience, but a lot cheaper rates. Or go high end with an experienced, proven psychic.

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Keen Highlights

  • Psychics set their own rates, so while there are some high-priced ones, there are plenty of more affordable options, although they may be less experienced and/or new to Keen

  • Profiles show how long they have been reading for the site, plus feedback from real customers

  • Three minutes free or 10 minutes for $1.99 for new customers

  • Most advisors also offer chat for customers who would rather not speak on the phone


  • Profiles of psychic readers include how long they been on the site, and customer feedback

  • Some very reasonably priced psychic readers

  • Credit up to $25 if you aren’t satisfied with a reading

  • A huge selection of psychics available in many different specialties

  • Website features a page in Spanish with listings for Spanish-speaking psychics


  • Search engine filters are very limited, so it's harder to narrow down specialties and topics

  • Keen acts as a platform for independent psychics, so they do not have to go through the rigorous hiring process of many psychic reading websites

  • Some psychic readers have very high rates, and promotions can be hard to find

Psychic Selection Pool

While Keen has many talented psychics and happy customers, it's important for potential clients to know that Keen operates a platform for experienced psychics to set up their own shop. That means that Keen does not go through the rigorous screening process of many other companies, including test readings. However, with so many psychic readers having been with them for so long, many readers have extensive feedback notes.

Choosing a Reliable and Accurate Psychic

Keen could use a little improvement in their search engine to help customers narrow down their selections. They have a few different categories you can browse, but the only filter options are setting a price range and a star rating to narrow down search results. This might make it a little challenging to find the right psychic reader in a sea of so many possibilities.

The sheer choice of quality psychics rated means that even with limited search functions, you can be rest assured that your psychic comes with a good reliability.

Pricing Structure

As a platform for independent psychic readers, the price ranges run from prince to pauper, with individual psychics setting their own rates. Some are charging as much as $27.99 a minute, which may have you wondering if maybe you shouldn't be trying to tap into your own psychic powers for a new career.

But don't worry, you can find readers for a whole lot less. Some charge as little as $1.50 per minute for their regular rate, without any kind of promotion going on. But realize that those are probably newer readers to the service, so they may be considerably less experienced than their peers and might not have as much feedback.

The three free minutes promotion really won't get you very far into a reading but Keen is running a special of 10 minutes for $1.99.

Method of Communication

How individual psychic readers communicate with clients varies from psychic to psychic, which isn't surprising given that these are independent contractors using the platform to run their own psychic reading business. Most offer phone readings, with some also offering a chat option or email. If your preferred method of communication isn’t phone, be sure to check that your psychic definitely offers it before booking in.

Guarantees and Refunds

Keen offer a fairly standard refund policy. If you're not happy with your psychic reading, call customer support and fill out the customer support form within 72 hours of your reading for credit up to $25. Refunds/credits are limited to one every 30 days.


Keen makes a great psychic reader website for psychics who want to operate their business independently, and bring in their customers from other psychic reading sites. Because each advisor is in charge of their own business, you can find some great discounted readers, although you may have to kiss a few proverbial frogs among these newer psychics to find your psychic prince or princess. Watch for deeply discounted promotions, so you can test out a few psychic readers for yourself.

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