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PsychicCenter brings together a huge catalogue highly experienced psychics, astrologists and tarot readers, with plenty of guidance to help you pick someone you can trust.

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Best For 

For those who want plenty of choice and support in choosing the right psychic for them.


  • Read customer reviews and feedback before you commit

  • Rewards programme gives you back 10% of what you spend

  • Well-established site running since 1999


  • Huge searchable database of psychics

  • Rates start at just $2/min

  • Introductory rate of $1 for a 10-minute consultation


  • Consultations only available by phone

  • Refunds only offered for a maximum of 5 minutes’ consultation time

  • The “search by rate/min” function doesn’t work

Bottom Line

Low-cost but no-frills phone consultations with experienced psychics.

Selection Pool

Prospective psychics are carefully screened to make sure they’re experienced both in their specialism and in providing readings over the phone, so you should encounter a high level of professionalism. While there is a broad range of expertise on offer, though, there are just three  search options on the site, though: Psychics, Tarot Readers and Astrologers.

There are no free chat options, but the promotional fee for your first 10-minute reading is just $1, giving you an opportunity to get to know your psychic and road-test their abilities before you pay out. Note that the site is only for US and Canadian users, but all psychics are based in these two countries, so if you’re calling from either of these you won’t encounter any time difference issues.

Choosing a Psychic

This is where PsychicCenter really shines. Each psychic has a detailed profile, including a voice recording, overview of their abilities and expert areas, an extensive interview and availability, all of which helps you to make sure you choose the right match for you.  

Plus, there are plenty of user reviews for each psychic, commenting on the accuracy of the reading and the experience of working with them. A user-generated star rating is shown prominently on each psychic’s profile. You can choose to browse psychics by their rating, availability, name, extension number or rate… although more on that last one below.


At US/CAD $2, the starting rate-per-minute is extremely low – in fact, the site claims that this is the lowest in the industry. 

Few psychics on the site cost this little though, with some charging as much as $12/min. Weirdly, even though the site gives you the option to search by rate, the function doesn’t work properly, so it’s difficult to figure out who the most expensive or lowest-cost psychics on the site actually are.

One great perk is that it’s easy to avoid racking up huge costs you’re not expecting. The site requires that you always have enough credit for 2 mins’ time with your psychic on your account, so that you aren’t cut off unexpectedly. This also means that 2 mins before your credit runs out you will get an automated message telling you that you are running low and asking if you want to add more credit, helping to keep track of your credit and ensure you don’t accidentally overspend.

What’s more, PsychicCenter provides a rewards program, giving you 10% back to spend on your next reading for every $50 or more that you spend on the site each month. 

Method of Communication

Sadly, this is where PsychicCenter is lacking. Where competitors offer consultations over, for example, Skype or video link, these psychics are available exclusively over telephone. There’s no email or chat option, and no way to see the people you’re speaking to. Plus, many psychics on the site are only available for a few set hours each week.  

Guarantees and Refunds

Again, when it comes to its refund policy, PsychicCenter is somewhat underwhelming. If you have technical problems or decide you are unhappy with your chosen psychic in the first 5 minute of the call, they will re-credit you for those minutes – although not if the call is dropped because of phone issues at your end.

In addition, you can apply for a refund by emailing the company a detailed explanation of why you are unhappy with your experience, but you can only be reimbursed for a maximum of 5 minutes, even if your consultation was much longer. Also, you can only ever apply for three refunds at most, no matter how many years you use the site.


A long-running source of experienced psychics, PsychicCenter is a reliable option that can also work out to be the least expensive on the market, depending on your choice of psychic. Those who prefer a face-to-face experience over video will be disappointed by the phone-only consultation option, though.  

About PsychicCenter is the live advice sister site of and Based exclusively in the US and Canada, it has provided its thousands of members with access to rigorously screened astrologers, tarot readers and clairvoyants since 1999.

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